27 March 2018

Advanced Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Systems Utilizing Air Conditioning



The ability to quickly and accurately model air conditioning (AC) systems is of increasing interest to the automotive industry due to the growing trend towards Electric Vehicles (EV’s), Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV’s) and vehicle autonomy.


This presentation considers the use of FloMASTER in the development process of a modern AC system ideally suited for a BEV. It examines and addresses some of the main design options and solutions available to systems engineers in creating an effective thermal management solution. It also considers sizing requirements, to ensure that the cabin and batteries can be cooled effectively while minimizing costs. This highly optimized system is then integrated into a system of systems which includes the full battery heating/ cooling loop, cabin loop, motor and inverter cooling solutions to provide a complete vehicle thermal management solution. Simulations are conducted on over 20 different operating mode combinations, the most important of which are examined and discussed in this presentation. The results of this give a detailed system level response and demonstrates how these systems interact to provide a complete thermal management solution for the BEV.


What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the new AC components and system modelling
  • Understand where thermo-fluid system simulation can be used for vehicle thermal management
  • How to quickly and easily configure an AC system in FloMASTER
  • How to correctly size electric vehicle thermal management solutions for a range of operating points
  • Determine overall system performance


Who Should Attend

  • Thermal Management Engineers and Managers
  • Thermo-Fluid Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Research Engineers


Related Industries

  • Automotive and Transportation




Web Seminar: Advanced Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Systems Utilizing Air Conditioning



Thursday the 19th of April 2018





12:00 pm CEST