12 December 2023


Join us for this LinkedIn Live event where experts Mike Donnelly and John Wilson explain and demonstrate a new solution for solving thermal challenges earlier in electronic circuit design!





In this session, you’ll see how you can accurately predict device junction temperatures of all the parts in your circuit, while simulating both static and dynamic operating conditions. You will be introduced to the game-changing BCI-ROM modeling technology, which brings 3D thermal model fidelity to the circuit simulation engineer in the form of a thermal model to import and use seamlessly. This technology is fueling a supply chain transformation, where component manufacturers are providing accurate thermal models along with their traditional SPICE electronic simulation models.


Join us for an engaging session that will provide a deeper understanding and practical insights to improve your circuit board thermal management. Let's unlock the future together! 





Live LinkedIn event: Beat the heat: New technology to solve electronic design thermal challenges



Tuesday the 12th of December, 2023






5:00 PM CEST