05 December 2023

Software defined vehicles & the automotive industry software factory


Software factories are being talked about by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry, in association with Software Defined Vehicles (SDV). In this webinar, we'll explain the link and the reasons for this change.



Automotive development is now a complex mix of hardware developed along traditional processes, under ever-increasing time and cost pressures, and increasingly often agile software development processes. To understand how and why this is happening, we'll discuss the technologies that have unlocked the SDV, and the market trends and demands that have catalyzed these trends. We'll cover topics from centralized and zonal architectures to automotive ethernet, through to connectivity, and the interdependent functions of the modern vehicle.


What you'll learn:

  • The trends and consequences of OEM's vertical integration in software development
  • How the automotive software development processes are evolving.
  • Features as a Service, subscriptions, monetizing the software lifecycle.
  • How Automotive Ethernet and Centralized and Zonal E/E architectures enable SDVs
  • Does Electrification have an influence on the SDV trend?





Live webinar: Software defined vehicles & the automotive industry software factory



Tuesday the 5th of December, 2023






10:00 AM CEST