26 May 2020

Better requirements management to save your bottom line

Learn how better requirements management can help save your bottom line.


As products become more complex, with more stakeholders involved, capturing requirements from multiple sources and keeping them up to date as they change becomes more challenging.


How can you ensure that requirements are met throughout the product lifecycle – from design through to manufacturing, installation and service? How do you adjust your plans as requirements are updated, without impacting your timeline or budget?


In this webinar discover:

  • How to address common challenges that lead to missed requirements
  • How to easily assess the impact of proposed design changes
  • What strategies can keep budgets in check when requirements change
  • How to manage requirements across mechanical and electrical domains
  • How to achieve better requirements management




Live Webinar: Better requirements management to save your bottom line



Tuesday the 2nd of June 2020






11:00 AM EDT