03 June 2020

Custom Topologies and Hi-Speed Rules in PADS Professional


The goal of this presentation is to educate more users about Custom Topologies and Hi-speed rules in a Printed Circuit Board. This knowledge will drive Hi-Speed routing of traces in today’s PCB’s. In order to address the variations of virtual pins and custom ordering of netlines, the creation of Chained, T-Shape, H-Tree and Star topologies will be discussed. Understand how complex Virtual Pins work with Balanced and Unbalanced Topologies. Learn how to add additional Net Class type rules without creating too many new Net Classes.


What You Will Learn

  • Create Custom Topologies for new designs
  • Hi-Speed Rules that are most important for most PCB’s
  • Differential Pair Guidelines
  • Adding Balanced and Unbalanced Virtual Pins with Branch points
  • “From-To” Constraints for a group of special nets




Customer Support Webcast: Custom Topologies and Hi-Speed Rules in PADS Professional



Wednesday the 17th of June 2020






5:00PM - 6:00PM CEST