08 October 2020

CAM350 Webinar

Experience our Cutting-Edge Technology

This webinar exposes how easy it is to use our analysis software, along with our software designed to automate a CAM engineering department. You'll learn how to increase efficiency, and avoid delays. By implementing this solution, you will ultimately save time and money.


PCB designs require a predictable and error-free transition from design to manufacturing. Finding errors during the manufacturing cycle leads to production delays and unexpected costs. When analyzing for potential errors before committing a design to fabrication there is more time and are more options to address errors properly.


  • Analyze, identify, and fix manufacturing flaws that may cause delay
  • Inspect for etching, soldermask, thermal, and spacing violations
  • Verify and maintain design integrity and intent
  • Efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication



Live Webinar: CAM350, PCB Manufacturing Optimized for Peak Efficiency


Tuesday the 13th of October 2020


3:00 PM CEST