07 October 2020

Simulation for Design Engineers

Understand your product’s performance earlier while you’re designing it.


Simulation has proven to be an effective way to understand if a design can meet performance requirements earlier in development and as a way to reduce costs associated with physical prototyping. But the full power of simulation isn’t fully being tapped and too often simulation is relegated to a small team of experts within a large organization.


Small companies, and the design engineers working on developing products, can greatly benefit from simulation, which has typically been out of reach due to costs and the nature of simulation today. This presentation will focus on how simulation for design engineers can help design engineers understand their product’s performance earlier in development, and we will introduce solutions available today that can meet the unique needs of design engineers.


Discover CAD-CAE integration with Siemens Simcenter 3D and FLOEFD


See how Siemens implements simulation-driven design through close integration between CAD and CAE tools for structural, fluid, and more simulation types. By performing simulation in or closely tied to your design tool of choice, you can rapidly evaluate your product’s performance while you are designing it for rapid feedback.


Who Should Attend?

  • Engineering managers
  • Owners of small or medium-sized companies and engineering firms
  • CAD Designers and Engineers
  • Design Engineers




Live webinar: Simulation for Design Engineers


Thursday the 22nd of October 2020