22 October 2020

Collaboration and digital continuity between Polarion and Capella

This webinar outlines the need for digital continuity between requirements engineering and model based systems engineering.


Increase of complexity in today’s products and systems requires more and more collaboration between requirements and models or model elements. These two approaches complement each other and need to always stay consistent. The best way to achieve this consistency is to link and trace objects from one world to the other providing a real digital continuity instead of copying data between the two worlds.


Our experts will demonstrate the bi-directional digital continuity between requirements in Polarion and models in Capella (or in Siemens System Modeling Workbench) using OSLC mechanism and explain the benefits of this approach to remove the barriers to innovation.


In this webinar you will:

  • Have a quick overview of Polarion and Capella capabilities
  • Understand how to link a Polarion requirement with a Capella model element
  • Navigate from Capella model to Polarion requirement following the trace link
  • Understand how to link a Capella model element to a Polarion requirement (or work-item)
  • Navigate from Polarion requirement to the model element in Capella
  • Understand the benefits of OSLC and true digital continuity


Key benefits:

  • Increase efficiency enabling engineers to have the benefits of both worlds
  • Decreased time to market enabling to accelerate impact analysis and innovate faster
  • Keep model and requirements always in synch to avoid costly errors
  • Break silos, improve communication and collaboration between teams
  • Keep single source of truth and digital continuity across disciplines




Live Webinar: Collaboration and digital continuity between Polarion and Capella



Tuesday 27th of October 2020





4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET