16 June 2021

Constraint Templates in PADS Professional



In this Webcast, I will show how to create Constraint Templates and how to add Constraints Templates to multiple nets in PADS Professional very quickly. After creating a Constraint Template we will talk about modifying those rules for a group of nets in order to save time. Engineers will save so much time with this unknown functionality and how it works. Understanding Constraint Templates and their functionality can bring clarity with great results for design use. We will also demonstrate how to Export and Import these Constraint Templates from one design to another for Reuse. 


Learn adding Rules quickly using Constraint Templates for this one-of-a-kind new design process.


What you will learn:
• Understanding of how Constraint Templates work
• Knowledge of when it is best to use a Constraint Templates
• Ability to save valuable time to add multiple rules at one time
• How to modify a Constraint Template and how it applies to nets
• How to export and import Constraint Templates from one design to another


Who should attend:
Electrical Engineers, PCB Designers, Fabricator Vendors, Assembly Houses, and Manufacturing Engineers



Customer Only Live webinar: Constraint Templates in PADS Professional

Wednesday the 16th of June 2021




5:00 PM CEST