18 August 2021

Expert Series: Detailed look at VX.2.8 Routing & Copper Functionality


During this Webcast, we shall examine and demonstrate in more detail some of the routing capabilities in VX.2.8 including Sketch, Hug & Diff Pair routing enhancements, as well as improvements in how Plane and Conductive Shapes are handled.


What You Will Learn:

  • New ways to control diff pair geometries, including via spacing and convergence pattern.
  • Automated process for updating existing diff pair routing following width and/or spacing constraint changes.
  • Improved Sketch Router results where multiple rule areas are involved.
  • Controlling the Hug Router using Editor Control settings.
  • Using the new unified Teardrops and Tracedrops solution.
  • Intelligent Plane Shape prioritization.
  • Better DRC control of Conductive Shapes according to purpose.
  • Building more complex padstack structures with multiple holes and/or custom via pads.


Who Should Attend:

  • Layout Engineers primarily, although some content will be directly relevant to Librarians as well.


Products Covered:

  • Xpedition
  • PADS Professional



Customer Only Live webinar: Detailed look at VX.2.8 Routing & Copper Functionality


Wednesday the 18th of August 2021




6:00 PM CEST