06 April 2018

Data-Driven Design for Reliability: How do you measure up?

Educational webinar hosted by Omnify Software

Successful reliability engineering requires the ability to predict what portions of a product may fail as well as the performance, safety, and economic impacts of failure. It requires transparency to current and past issues to improve predictions, react to failures, and continuously improve. Successful DfR must be supported by effective product management strategies.


Our guest speaker, Dan Jacob, Research Analyst for LNS Research, will provide an overview of the impact current market forces have on DfR and the changes manufacturers can make to ensure successful reliability processes.


You will learn about:

  • Current market drivers impacting DfR
  • DfR’s impact on corporate success
  • DfR trends and challenges
  • DfR in Development: removing obstacles and driving success
  • The impact of IIoT on reliability
  • How to implement a data-driven DfR program

  • Recommended actions and takeaways




Weminar: Data-Driven Design for Reliability: How do you measure up?



Thursday the 3rd of May 2018






7:00 pm EST