12 February 2015

DNU Norway 2015

User Groups – Get Involved! the 17th and 18th of March


For those of us involved in the EDA industry, we’re all familiar with user group meetings. It’s a time to get together with fellow users of specific vendors tools, network, and learn from one another.


The MUG NOR 2015 is a unique chance to gain insight of where your favorite design tool is going in the future. At MUG NOR 2015 you will meet with the team setting the course for your software and have the opportunity to hear about all the new features and functionality that will be put into the software in the future releases.

But more important you will have the possibility to influence the direction the product taken, by presenting your ideas and thoughts to the people that can make them happen.


Day 1; Tuesday the 17th of March

At the first day you can listen to the very intersting presentations about HyperLynx DRC and Bridging the PCB and HDL-based PFGA design worlds.

HyperLynx DRC

HyperLynx DRC is a powerful, fast design rule checking tool that is fully

customizable. It allows for verification of complex design rules that are not

easily simulated, such as rules for EMI/EMC. With 23 standard Design Rule

Checks (DRCs) for items such as traces crossing splits, reference plane changes, shielding and via checks, you can quickly and easily pinpoint trouble spots on your board that can cause issues with EMI/EMC, Signal Integrity, and Power Integrity.


Bridging the PCB and HDL-based FPGA design worlds

How many boards embed FPGA's today? How many of your PCB layout experts look forward to placing a 1000 + pin FPGA Device and constantly have to worry about new pinout coming from the FPGA designer? Today’s powerful and extremely high pin-count FPGA's provide engineers with significant opportunities for increased features and more functionality whilst reducing the cost of their products. But with this increased complexity comes significant challenges in integrating these devices onto the Printed Circuit Board, with the need to map hundreds of logical signals to the physical pin out of the device whilst maintaining the electrical integrity of the design. This presentation will show not only how to ease the FPGA-on-board integration process by bridging the two worlds of FPGA and PCB design but also how to guarantee the optimal FPGA I/O design and physical implementation on the PCB significantly reducing both design time cycle and therefore time-to-market as well as manufacturing costs.


Day 2; User Day, Wednesday the 18th of March


Mentor Graphics User Day

Market leading Front-end design by Mentor Graphics - Olivier Arnauld

  • Solutions and Strategies for 2015
  • Library and Part creation
  • Ease of use and enhancements
  • Starter libraries
  • Analog simulation in the same schematic, why draw 2?
  • Migration strategies


Track A

PADS – VX Product Update – Steve Gascoigne

VX, a future-focused desktop platform

The PADS VX release is a complete approach to desktop PCB design, offering smarter productivity, higher quality, and greater speed and accuracy to individuals and small teams than ever before. Let’s take some time to review the addition which have been made during the last 12 months.

VX, a future-focused desktop platform


  • Starter Libraries
  • Land Pattern Creator
  • Central Library
  • Library Management Utilities
  • Easier schematic design
  • Constraint Management
  • Integrated Central Database
  • Design Archive with graphical and data comparisons


PADS Futures – Steve Gascoigne

During 2015 the PADS range of products will see some dramatics advancements. PADS will reinforce its position as the industry’s most affordable professional desktop solution that uniquely forms part of a fully scalable, future proofed PCB solution. Mentor have continued to invest in this product and brings more to the customer that ever before.


  • Release Highlights
  • Product plans


Track B

xPCB (Expedition)Layout Environment – Olivier Arnaud

With the VX release xPCB layout has undergone a significant change in look and feel. The overall goal of this new release is to increase the productivity of everyone on your team!


  • Menus and toolbars refreshment and optimization
  • Greater personalization
  • Maximization of designer’s work area
  • Context sensitive menus and instant status
  • All adds up to an improved experience inside Xpedition


xPCB Layout Placement/Planning and Routing Automation – Olivier Arnaud

Learn about the xPCB Layout planning and placement improved methodology through a brand new planning environment including among other features:


  • Component Explorer interface to provide a highly intuitive, personalized environment for PCB layout
  • Explorer spreadsheet to provide valuable placement information and filtering capabilities
  • Graphical cues such as group status icons to relate important information to the designer
  • Ability for the user to defined planning groups on the fly
  • Connectivity visualization through netlines (Dynamic or according to specific preferences)
  • Marking options may be used for both groups and individual parts.


Jointly presentation

HyperLynx Tool suit advancements during 2015– Steve Gascoigne

HyperLynx is now a full family of products, each with unique and powerful capabilities. Lets’ a take a look how each of these tools is being updated and functionality is being more tightly integrated with your PCB design flow. Release Highlights and Product Plans


  • Release Highlights
  • Product plans"



Practical information

What DNU - User Group
When Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th of March 2015
Where Thon Hotel Linne, Oslo, Norway
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