23 November 2010

DxDesigner Migration Seminar - 19th of January 2011


Event Type : Seminar

When : 19th of January 2011

Where : Stockholm, Sweden

Time : 10:00 am to 1:00 pm


This seminar is aimed at managers and designers who would like to know more about the new functionality of the DX 2007 platform. It will also show you how to transition to this new platform and take maximum advantage of many new enhancements.


What You Will Learn

  • The new DX 2007 platform
  • Compelling reasons
  • Changes in the database infrastructure
  • Added value of these changes
  • Steps required to migrate libraries and designs
  • How to setup a migration plan
  • Using the momentum to optimize your environment
  • Establishing a configuration for seamless migration of all your existing legacy data
  • Important topics to keep in mind when migrating designs/libraries
  • The support that InnoFour offers to help you through this process

Who Should Attend

  • Design Engineers Managers
  • Products Covered
  • DxDesigner

About the Presenter

Rick Stroot

A background in Digital Signal Processing and more then 15 years of EDA experience. I entered the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) in 1990 as an application engineer and continued my career to consultancy. Working in international teams I have then become a leading member in EDA product development for European and American companies. As part of the InnoFour team I am dedicated to deliver productive engineering and electronic development solutions to our customers via the best in class software, support and consultancy for tomorrows complex designs.

A smooth step to DxDesigner 2007, the big step forward!

 For more information about the seminar ► Migration Seminar Flyer