29 September 2021

Expert Series: XML Import/Export Tips and Tricks



The XML-Console is a powerful tool capable of importing and exporting data & documents to/from the EDM Library database. One particularly nice feature of XML-Console is that a user can obtain the necessary format using the export option to then utilize the results in order to properly format the syntax necessary for import.

Even if the user is not experienced with formatting tools like AWK & SED or Perl, they can use Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge utility to generate XML-formatted files for importing/updating data in the EDM Library.


What You Will Learn:

  • How to invoke XML-Console
  • How to export data from one or more objects and how to funnel that data to only a subset of all of the objects' data fields
  • How to import data for one or more objects and the stringent syntax of data stores in objects' list frames
  • How to find both documentation and knowledge-base articles (KBAs) to better understand XML-Console and its caveats


Who Should Attend:

  • EDM Library users who are responsible for creating & updating EDM object information (price, supplier, spec sheet, description, etc.) who would rather programmatically enter/update information in a more timely & less tedious manner


Product Covered:

  • Xpedition EDM




Customer Only Live webinar: EDM Library: Using Dynamic Content Definition to Populate Production Libraries


Thursday the 23rd of September 2021




6:00 PM CEST