19 August 2021

Expert Series: HyperLynx DRC Wizards


This webcast is an introduction to the new wizards in HyperLynx DRC VX.2.8. The included wizards facilitate quickly setting up a design for checks in the application. The DDR setup wizard is especially useful in configuring the object lists and rule instances for the different net groups. With these wizards as examples, you can create your own wizard to configure your type of design.


What You Will Learn:

  • What wizards are in HL-DRC
  • How to run them
  • how to get started creating your own wizards

Who Should Attend:

  • All HyperLynx users who have not used the new wizards in VX.2.8

Product Covered:

  • HyperLynx



Customer Only Live webinar: HyperLynx DRC Wizards


Thursday the 19th of August 2021




6:00 PM CEST