19 September 2023


Explore Effective Debugging with Visualizer Waveforms



Join us to explore how the Visualizer waveform debug simplifies simulation debugging without compromising performance or visibility.


Growing complexities in modern designs and advanced testbench methodologies have made debugging and analyzing simulation data challenging. Visualizer Debug Environment is a powerful tool with the ability to generate compact and efficient waveform databases, visualize dynamic class member variables alongside signal values, biometric search for intuitive root cause analysis, wave compare, waveform expressions and other useful features.


What You Will Learn:

  • Manage multiple qwave databases in Visualizer
  • Discover different features of the Visualizer wave window for easy debugging
  • List and compare waveforms
  • Easy search and triaging capabilities for signals and signal values
  • Build expressions from waveforms

Who Should Attend:

  • Verification and design engineers who want to leverage the distrinctive functionalities of the Visualizer wave window.

Products Covered:

  • Questa
  • Visualizer





Customer Technical Webcast: Explore Effective Debugging with Visualizer Waveforms



Tuesday September 19, 2023




18:00 hr CEST