08 November 2017


Exploring Failure Modes and Mechanisms in Electronics

To design robust products, it helps to understand how products fail in various types of environments. Product failure mechanisms can happen due to poor quality (defects built in) or the process of wear-out over long periods of time. Loads can be applied to products in many forms, electrically, chemically, mechanical force, etc.

These loads cause stress and strain on elements of a product. Damage accumulates on weak areas of the product which eventually leads to failure. The failure mode is how we perceive these failures (pixels go out on an LCD, a computer runs slower, a wing falls off an airplane).


This presentation will reveal common failure mechanisms that product designers should be aware of as well as best design practices and test methods used to screen out such mechanism.




Webinar: Exploring Failure Modes and Mechanisms in Electronics



Thursday, the 16th of November 2017






11AM Session or 2PM Session