27 November 2017

PADS Product Update

Web Seminar


Since 1985 when it was first released, PADS has gone through multiple more or less rapid evolution periods until 2015 when the product was taken over by a new team inside Mentor Graphics. PADS product has entered a new era of amazing mutations delighting our still incredibly high number of very loyal users. New configurations came to life not only catching up on some outstanding missing functionality but extending the traditional PCB design tool to a true Design Creation Platform giving PADS users access to in-house cutting-edge technology nowadays required to successfully design complex boards.


Today’s session will explain and demonstrate this transformation the whole PADS product went through, strongly driven by our users. Due to the time limit we can only scratch the surface of the numerous enhancements implemented in the last couple of years but it should not only give a very good feel of the huge benefits of adopting the latest PADS technology by moving to a new configuration but also prove the PADS brand revival and its bright future.


Who should attend:

Customers who are not on the latest release of PADS


What you will learn:

  • From PCB design tool to Design Creation Platform – Quickly browse through the last few years PADS product evolution leading to the necessity of providing a design platform
  • Customers’ driven development – Understand how users can now actively participate to the PADS product evolution decisions
  • Integrated flow discovery – Understand the benefits of adopting a modern fully integrated flow enabling real time connectivity and constraint synchronization management between frontend and backend fostering a ‘correct by construction’ design process
  • Moving to a productive frontend environment – Learn an effective way of capturing connectivity and constraints within PADS Designer and Constraint Manager
  • PADS Router uncovering - Discover some advanced functionality available in the all too frequently ignored PADS Router which is called to become the future unique PADS backend tool
  • Bridge electronics and mechanical worlds together – Recent advanced 3D technology addition into PADS Layout complemented by the ECAD/MCAD collaborator tool brings to the design flow an efficient and formal mechanism to exchange information between electronics and mechanical engineers
  • Add virtual prototyping to your traditional design flow – Access best in class HyperLynx analysis technologies to explore technological choices, optimize your constraints early in the design process and ultimately verify your layout in order to minimize signal integrity and thermal risks and reduce the number of prototyping iterations
  • What’s next? - Take a look at the future development directions




Web-Seminar PADS Product Update



Tuesday the 5th of December 2017





11:30 - 12:30 CET