28 July 2020


Formulas, Constants and Variables in PADS Professional


This Webcast will teach how to add Formulas, Constants, and Variables in a Printed Circuit Board design, before placing a component or routing a trace. Variable will drive the routing of the traces and provide real-time results with lengths for circuits like the DDR3 and DDR4.

Learn how formulas and Constants can speed up high-speed requirements in a very short amount of time. These setups will provide rules for today’s difficult setups of the timing of nets and the usability of the Constraint Manager.

You will see examples of variable naming conventions that could be similar to what an Electrical Engineer would expect to see for consistent design methodologies.


What You Will Learn

  • Setup Formulas for new PCB designs on critical circuits
  • Add Constants for similar routing and rules
  • Create Variables that apply to multiple nets at the same time for precise timing
  • Understanding how Constants and Variables work together for DDR circuits




Live customer webinar: Formulas, Constants and Variables in PADS Professional



Wednesday the 12th of August 2020






5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CEST