14 February 2024



FPGA-forum is a yearly event for the Norwegian FPGA community. FPGA-designers, project managers, technical managers, researchers, final year students and the major vendors gather for a two-day focus on FPGA. There will be presentations from the Norwegian industry about methodology and practical experience, – the universities will present new and exciting projects, and the vendors will have technical presentations with a minimum of marketing.


At the exhibition, you can evaluate tools and technology from the leading vendors. FPGA-forum also provides an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange experience with the Norwegian FPGA-community – during the breaks – and during the official dinner party on Wednesday.




We also want to invite you the to the presentation by Faïçal Chtourou, DVT Field Application Engineer:


Bugs Be Gone: Maximizing Early Bug Detection with Questa Design Solution in CI flow 


This presentation focuses on empowering designers to enhance the quality of their code deliveries without the hassle of creating testbenches and conducting tests for every block. By ensuring high-quality designs, verifiers can focus on debugging more complex issues rather than trivial ones.  

Questa Design Solutions aims to assist designers in swiftly identifying issues, ensuring code repository stability, and improving the quality of deliveries to other teams. 
By integrating these tools into a continuous integration flow, automatic and regular code checks can be enabled, resulting in improved efficiency and greater schedule predictability through easily understandable metrics


Check this link for the FPGA Forum Program.





14th and 15th of February 2024



Royal Garden Hotel, Kjoepmannsgt. 73, Trondheim, 7010, Norway



09:00 - 17:00 hr