19 July 2019

FPGA World Conference 2019 Copenhagen

The Conference is an international forum for researchers (ACM), engineers, teachers and students/hackers. Complex heterogeneous SW/HW embedded systems, products, education&industrial cases and more based on FPGA technology. FPGAworld sponsor the academic&industrial tracks, lunches, premises, administrations etc. from sponsors and exhibitors.


Meet the InnoFour representatives at FPGA world in our exhibition booth and attend our presentations:


Everything you need to accelerate innovation by Yehoshua Shoshan - InnoFour


Embedded software is in virtually all the products we come in contact with everyday. As a result the use of embedded software is quickly infringing on hardware’s dominance in the product development process. This presentation will cover the challenges in today’s embedded software development and how we can help organizations with a unified solution that divers project transparency through real-time aggregated management information.


Functional Safety for FPGAs by Stefan Bauer, Mentor, a Siemens Business

Everybody is talking about and many companies are jumping on the functional safety train. The latest industry study from the Wilson Research Group shows, that almost 2/3 of today’s European FPGA design projects are used within a safety application, i.e. autonomous driving or airplanes. Such safety applications require a high quality and a high reliability of the FPGAs. But the truth is, that more than 70% of these FPGA designs still have non-trivial bugs which escape to production. Functional Safety is driving down risk of Electrical and Electronics malfunctioning due to failures. Standards like ISO 26262 or IES 61508 focus on two areas of faults: Systematic Faults and Random Faults.
This presentation will give an introduction to the ISO 26262 standard and how Mentor’s overall functional safety flow can help to verify Systematic Faults and Random HW Faults.


The complete program for the day can be found here.




September 19, 2019



DTU (SCION),Building 372 Diplomvej 2800 Lyngby



08.30 - 16.00