15 September 2022

FPGA World Conference 2022 Copenhagen


The Conference is an international forum for researchers (ACM), engineers, teachers and students/hackers. Complex heterogeneous SW/HW embedded systems, products, education&industrial cases and more based on FPGA technology. FPGAworld sponsor the academic&industrial tracks, lunches, premises, administrations etc. from sponsors and exhibitors.


Meet the InnoFour representatives at FPGA world in our exhibition booth.


You're also invited to attend our presentation: Python and the art of building a high-quality reusable verification environment


Constrained randomization and functional coverage have recently become crucial elements to a successful tape out. SystemVerilog and UVM framework is the de-facto standard for verification. Still, due to a high learning time/benefit ratio, many users preferred to look into other alternatives such as UVVM/OSVM. Lately, Python has emerged as a third option, and it is gaining interest for its obvious advantages (easy language, big community, extensive library …)
The purpose of this presentation is to show you how we can build a high-quality reusable verification environment using Python Libraries/Framework.


Presenter: Faïçal Chtourou (Field Application Engineer, Digital Verifcation Technologies, Siemens EDA for InnoFour BV)


The complete program for the day can be found here.





September 15, 2022



DTU (SCION),Building 372 Diplomvej 2800 Lyngby



08.30 - 16.00