16 November 2018

How to Unearth Deep Bugs Faster and Cheaper Using Formal Bug Hunting Techniques


Using formal to fully verify blocks using an “assurance” based methodology to prove properties about a design can take a team with a very specific skill set. However, another, much simpler way to use formal to find deep bugs is “bug hunting” based methodology that any “regular” RTL engineer can pick-up relatively quick. With bug hunting, getting complete proofs of a particular logic block performance is secondary to finding bugs as early as possible in the design and verification cycle using various, easy-to-learn formal techniques. The overall goal here is to leverage the exhaustive nature of formal analysis to find and fix as many functional bugs as possible, ultimately improving the quality of your end-product, and lowering the risk of re-spins.


Note: if for some reason a bug does make it to silicon, these techniques can also be used to root cause a bug buried in the design, and verify the fix faster and more thoroughly than simulation-based verification methods.


Who Should Attend

Design and Verification Engineers and Managers


Products Covered

Questa® Formal Verification


What You Will Learn

  • Fully automated ways to find functional bugs in your design
  • Simple assertions anyone can write that find bugs using formal techniques
  • How to use formal verification IP to find bugs in a standard interface you are customizing
  • Various input constraint techniques, including careful usage and benefits of over-constraining
  • Simple design exploration techniques to “smoke test” your design and find bugs
  • How to explore deeper into your design formally to find more bugs using automated engine techniques, “goal posting” to leap frog deeper into the design state space, and completing debug with simulation traces around interesting design conditions
  • How to root cause post silicon bugs and verify the fix using formal techniques




Web Seminar: How to Unearth Deep Bugs Faster and Cheaper Using Formal Bug Hunting Techniques



Wednesday the 5th of December 2018






5:00 PM CEST - 6:00 PM CEST