20 November 2018


How to handle underfill in Sherlock?

Underfill materials are actively used to fortify PCB designs so that these products can fulfil a plethora of applications and industry standards. From NASA’s space probe, Juno, to autonomous vehicles, underfill materials are present everywhere. While underfilling is a decades long technique, the materials implemented are continuously evolving in response to the growing needs of the electronics industry. New materials require extensive time and resources to fully characterize the mechanical properties and its influence on key components on an assembly.


To alleviate the need for some testing, simulation is used as a complimentary effort to qualify material changes. Sherlock distinguishes itself as the only simulation tool used in the electronics industry to predict the success of underfill materials. During this webinar you will learn how Sherlock uses a combination of FEA and Reliability Physics to quantify the life of a product stressed by its field and test environments.




How to handle underfill in Sherlock?



Thursday the 6th of December 2018






11:00 AM EST