21 November 2018

Understanding Drawing Editor

Web Seminar


Understanding the Drawing Editor can be very useful for fabrication, manufacturing and documentation purposes. Drawing Editor can help with Geometric Dimensioning, Detailed Views and multiple sheets instructions for Fabrication and Assembly houses. When a Fabricator vendor needs to know those special instructions and guidelines it is very easy to accomplish using the Drawing Editor. In this Webinar you will even learn about some automated ways to create multiple sheets with notes, stack-ups and drill data. You will also be taught how to add PCB Boards and update changing data during the design and manufacturing process.


What You Will Learn

  • Understand Placement of a PCB and the Display Controls of Board
  • Dimensioning and Geometric Symbols
  • Drill Chart and Special instructions to the Fabrication and Assembly Drawings
  • Learn how to add Specific Notes and Detailed Views
  • Multiple Sheets created with Defined Automation


Who Should Attend

Electrical Engineers, PCB Designers, Fabricator Vendors, Assembly Houses and Manufacturing Engineers




Web Seminar: Understanding Drawing Editor



Wednesday the 28th of November 2018






06:00 PM EST