21 November 2018

Xpedition Rigid Flex

Web Seminar



Learn about the New Flex – RigidFlex capability that was introduced with the Xpedition Enterprise VX.2 release using the “Xpedition Advanced Technology Option” licensing. We will cover multiple board outlines and regional stackups as well as Flex specific layer types and other tools and capabilities specific to Flex – RigidFlex designs in Xpedition PCB. There will be a live Q&A session with Mentor technical experts at the conclusion of the webinar.


What You Will Learn

  • Stack-up regions defined by multiple board outlines to simplify modifications
  • Definition of bend areas and how the design will bend
  • How Flex-aware placement and routing can produce high quality results


Who Should Attend

  • Customers who are using Xpedition VX.2 or higher




Web Seminar: Xpedition Rigid Flex



Wednesday the 12th of December 2018






06:00 PM EST