12 October 2012

Live Webcast: Stop Reinventing the Wheel, Start Using PCB Design Reuse


Since prehistoric times, Man has looked for ways to make life easier and PCB designers are no different.


No, we’re not comparing PCB designers to cavemen. We’re talking about making life easier. Why not reuse work that you have done before -- known work that satisfied all your constraint and quality criteria? We call this PCB design reuse and it comes in different flavors: informal and formal.


All EDA vendors says they offer design reuse, but not all reuse capabilities are equal. In fact, some layout tools have unreasonable restrictions that make reuse difficult, if not unusable. This session will show you how Expedition Enterprise provides the right balance of flexibility and control while making your work life easier.


You will learn

  • Different kinds of design reuse
  • Approaches to leverage reuse blocks
  • Time and quality benefits of an effective reuse methodology

Who Should Attend

  • PCB Design Managers wanting to shorten design cycles by leveraging existing engineering & layout data
  • PCB Designers seeking design aids to improve their productivity



  • What: Stop Reinventing the Wheel, Start Using PCB Design Reuse
  • When:Thursday 24th of January 2013
  • Where:Online
  • Time:16:00 PM CET
  • Duration:1 hour