12 October 2012

Live Webcast: Upgrading to Questa Core for ModelSim Users


This webinar will review the features and thus benefits of Questa Core. We will review what it means to current ModelSim, PE, DE and SE users. To upgrade to Questa Core is the customer's choice and it is not mandatory.


As verification is getting more complex, we are introducing new features like Assertion based verification to ModelSim users in Questa Core at an affordable price point.


Questa Core has the same easy to use, interactive GUI that you are familiar with in ModelSim. Even if you are not a ModelSim user, please attend this informative webinar to learn about Questa Core.


What you will learn:

  • How Assertion Based Verification improve verification effectiveness
  • How to use built-in verification library
  • How to Manage windows to get the most out of debug
  • How to compare simulation results to expose issues between revisions of a design
  • How to trace design issues to their sources using Enhanced Debug features
  • How to use advanced Code Coverage features including expression and conditional coverages
  • How to manage simulation waveform files, optimize simulation times, and regression results
  • Upgrade path for ModelSim PE, DE and SE users

Who should attend:

  • Design Engineers / Managers
  • Verification Engineers



  • What:Upgrading to Questa Core for ModelSim Users
  • When:Thursday 23rd of November 2012
  • Where:Online
  • Time:16:00 PM CET
  • Duration:1 hour