13 December 2022

MCAD Collaboration



These days it is more important than ever for ECAD and MCAD engineers to collaborate throughout the entire product design cycle. Printed circuit board designs, mechanical enclosures, and related components need to mate, fit, and be correct by design to eliminate re-spins, get designs to market quicker, and minimize production costs.


At this webinar you will learn how a consistent and continuous communication channel between design and mechanical engineers can keep designs in synch, prevent rework, and optimize time to market.


What You Will Learn


PADS facilitates communication of design data to mechanical CAD systems using ProSTEP-approved data exchange standard based on XML protocol. With the ProSTEP data exchange designers are able to communicate between disciplines at any time or frequency, keeping participants in their respective system’s comfort zone.

  • A robust platform to propose and exchange only the necessary data to illustrate a proposal.
  • Enables ECAD and MCAD design teams to optimize electronics within tight form-factor constraints while still meeting quality, reliability and performance requirements
  • Replaces paper and verbal interchanges with digital and error-free changes
  • Provides a graphical platform for collaborative “discussions” ensuring that ECAD and MCAD engineers consider the complete set of design requirements
  • Allows the user to preview the proposed modification before it is applied to the design in order to see if it meets the design requirements


Who Should Attend

  • Electrical engineers and systems integrators
  • PCB designers and managers
  • CAD managers and CAD IT managers






Web Seminar: MCAD Collaboration



Tuesday the 13th of December 2022






10:00 CET