06 April 2017

Reliable implementation of cots parts and assemblies into Aerospace systems

DfR Solutions Seminar



NASA and the aerospace industry tenaciously pursue safety measures. The effect of various environmental factors on electronics components poses a reliability challenge for many engineers here on earth, let alone at 40,000 feet or in deep space. Components in development undergo rigorous qualification processes and extended test cycles, often repeated at extreme parametric limits and under harsh environmental conditions, and the price can be excessive.

The use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies in the aerospace industry has taken off as a cost-effective alternative. NASA has been able to successfully use COTS with careful attention to selection, qualification and testing.

Reliability expert and author Lloyd Condra will provide his fascinating insights during this webinar. After experience as a technical fellow at Boeing and ASQ Reliability Division, Condra recently joined DfR Solutions as an advisor of electronics manufacturing. He has contributed to multiple academic studies including Reliability Assessment of Aerospace Electronic Equipment, and he is highly sought after for his knowledge of military defense systems. He has authored 2 books, Reliability Improvement with Design of Experiment and Value-added Management with Design of Experiments and published over 40 technical papers.




Reliable implementation of cots parts and assemblies into Aerospace systems



Thursday April 20, 2017

11.00 AM EST or 2:00 PM EST