06 February 2024





The Medical Electronics event will take place on February 6, 2024 at Van der Valk Vianen.


The focus of the event is on the development, regulation and production of medical electronics and the areas of application. Current topics in this area include: the growing demand for wearables and the increase in self-control and monitoring. The program of the 2024 edition can be found here.





You are invited to the presentation by Rick Stroot - InnoFour:


Digitalizing lifecycle processes in the Medical Device Industry with inspiring solutions

The European Medtech industry has a decline in innovation due to too complex regulatory system for medical devices (MDR/IVDR) and a digitalization that is far too slow with a lack of data usage. This presentations will provide some insights on how this can be turned around by using some inspiring solutions that will:

  • Speed up documentation creation and regulatory process compliance
  • Enable easy reuse of information in different processes and documents
  • Supports completeness of required information
  • Allow visualization of dependencies between single data sets instead of references to documents





Live Event: Medical Electronics Event 2024



Tuesday February 6, 2024



Hotel Van der Valk Vianen, Prins Bernhardstraat 75, 4132 XE Vianen



09:00 - 16:00 CET