20 July 2015

CAM350/DFMStream New Release 12.1

Personal Tour of CAM350/DFMStream; Customer Only Event

You are invited to attend a live webinar featuring our new release of CAM350/DFMStream coming out this month. Our technical experts will walk you through all the new features and enhancements. This is your chance to get a personal tour into what the new release has to offer.


What's In Release 12.1?


CAM350/DFMStream 12.1 has been developed with your needs in mind. Attending this event will give you a unique perspective into our software, an insider's view. You will be personally guided through all the new features, how to retrieve them, and best of all, how to use them to your advantage. The more comfortable you are with our products the better you perform and the better our software becomes.


This release brings you enhancements in all of the following areas:

  • Multithreading support; 2-3x Speed Improvements
  • New DFMStream Analysis
    • Trace to Anti-Pad Spacing Check
    • Additional Negative Plane Checks
    • Same Net Spacing Checks
    • Annular Ring Check Definition Expanded for Negative Planes
    • Netlist Compare for No Connect Nets
  • New Enhancements to Preprocess of Non-Intelligent Data (Gerber)
    • Improved Laser Via Detection
    • Global Fiducial Detection
    • Netlist Extract Added to Preprocess DFMStream
  • Latest versions of Industry Standard Intelligent Data Exchange
    • IPC-2581 Revision B Import/Export Support
    • ODB++ Version 8.0 Support



Tuesday, July 21st - 3:00PM CEST - 8:00PM CEST