20 July 2015

BluePrint-PCB; New Release 5.1

Personal Tour of BluePrint-PCB; Customer Only Event

You are invited to attend live webinars featuring our new BluePrint-PCB release coming out this month. Our technical experts will walk you through all the new features and enhancements. This is your chance to get a personal tour into what the new release has to offer.


What's In Release 5.1?

BluePrint 5.1 has many great new features and enhancements - including Panel Enhancements. We have scheduled a separate event to just focus on the Panel improvements. Attending these events will give you a unique perspective into our software, an insider's view. You will be personally guided through all the new features, where to find them, and best of all, how to use them successfully. The more you understand BluePrint the better it will perform for you.



Wednesday, July 22nd - 3:00PM CEST - 8:00PM CEST


New Graphical User Interface

  • “Ribbons” interface, look and feel similar to MS office products

Customer requested enhancements include:

  • Improved File Comparison for ECO Updates
  • Exclude Dimensions in Exploded View
  • Pad and Via Visibility Control for Design View and PCB Views
  • Highlight Text Boxes with Hidden or Truncated Content
  • Transparency Options in Design View





Thursday, July 23rd - 3:00PM CEST - 8:00PM CEST


  • Panel Milling Error Checking
  • Associate Pairs of Mill Tabs on a PCB Panel
  • Apply Parameters to All PCB Panel Images
  • Intelligent Dimensions for Panel
    • Change Coordinate Dimension to Move Objects
    • Show Chamfer Count for Panels
    •  Show Pinning Hole Count for Panels
  • New Panel Design View: View as the finished PCB will look