14 May 2019

Optimizing the Cooling of an EV/HEV Traction Motor


Traction motors, which are mainly permanent magnet have higher power densities to lightweight the powertrain. Lightweighting reduces their electromagnetic and thermal masses. These machines are therefore prone to saturation and overheating at peak loads, especially at elevated temperatures. It is therefore important to ensure they are properly cooled since their intermittent drive-cycle operation, service life, permanent magnet and insulation stability are temperature-rise dependent.


This web seminar will introduce part of the Simcenter traction motor low-frequency electromagnetic-thermal CFD solution. The solution will show how to quickly set up the motor model and analyze its electromagnetic and thermal performance in Simcenter MotorsolveTM. Since thermal analysis is mainly a 3D problem, 3D features such as end-windings will be added in Simcenter MAGNET and the model solved for electromagnetic heat-losses. The losses will be transferred into Simcenter FLOEFD™, and together with HEEDS™, the housing will be optimized to improve cooling by accounting for the flow rates and the allowable pressure drop.


The motor cooling ensures that the magnets will be kept below their thermal demagnetization limit, guaranteeing operation at peak conditions.


What You Will Learn

  • Coupled EM-thermal analysis
  • Demagnetization analysis
  • Thermal design optimization


Who Should Attend

  • Motor Engineers/Designers
  • Electric Powertrain Designers/Engineers/Managers
  • Automotive Engineers/Managers
  • Vehicle Thermal Management Engineers/Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Design Engineers




Web Seminar: Optimizing the Cooling of an EV/HEV Traction Motor



Thursday the 6th of June 2019






12:00 PM CEST