14 May 2019


Predicting Electrolytic Capacitor Lifetime

During this webinar, David Dang, Technical Staff at DfR Solutions, will focus on electrolytic capacitors and how they interact as part of an assembly. David will first discuss the different types electrolytic capacitors commonly used in the industry. Then, David will touch on the various types of failure mechanisms that can occur in electrolytic capacitors and identify the underlying causes instigating those failures. Finally, David will cover how to model capacitors and predict their lifetime expectancy using Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ software.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding commonly used electrolytic capacitors and their properties
  • Modeling electrolytic capacitors in Sherlock
  • Failure mechanisms of electrolytic capacitors and the underlying causes




Web Seminar: Predicting Electrolytic Capacitor Lifetime



Thursday the 16th of May 2019






11:00 AM EST