28 June 2018

Overcome the challenges in Embedded software development


Embedded software is in virtually all the products. In this web seminar we show how Polarion ALM can help to overcome the challenges in Embedded software development.



Embedded software is in virtually all the products we come in contact with everyday. For example, there are 100+ million lines of code in automotive, 24% of Medical device recalls are due to software issues, and there's 15.4% growth in the software-driven "Smart Appliance" market.

In order to avoid product failures, expensive product recalls or product release obstacles due to compliancy violations, it is key to have an embedded software development process where all the steps from concept to design are properly managed and traceable.


What you will learn

In this web demonstration we will show you how Polarion Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) enables everyone to be aligned around what is being built and why, to drive advancement while protecting integrity and compliance. This demo will cover the following topics:

  • Import and manage pre-defined requirements
  • Create and edit requirements
  • Requirement and document approvals
  • Import and create test specifications
  • Manage relationships between requirements, testcases, and implementation
  • Traceability of requirements throughout the lifecycle of the software
  • Create and use life reports using wiki widgets
  • Streamline Quality Assurance through test runs


Who Should Attend

This web demo is aimed at engineers and managers active with (embedded) software development or other type of development where Application Lifecycle Management is important



What: Web Seminar: Overcome the challenges in Embedded software



When: Friday the 13th of July 2018


Where: Online

Time: 10:00 - 11:15 AM CEST