03 July 2018

Thermal Territories 201: When to Use Them



Part 2 of a 2 part webinar series on Thermal Territories – a computationally less intensive, localized modeling approach that helps engineers to more quickly model detailed PCB board thermal properties accurately.

This session focuses on four specific application examples showing when Thermal Territories should be used and why. We will also discuss the manual creation of Detailed Thermal Territories and efficient modeling best practices.

Note: This builds on Thermal Territories 101, which covered Thermal Territory geometry creation, how to use the user interface of FloTHERM XT, and compared Empirical and Analytical thermal conductivity methods.


What You Will Learn

  • Examples on when to use Explicit Thermal Territories with the Empirical calculation method.
  • Provide detailed explanation on why the Explicit Thermal Territory is required in the specific application
  • Provide an introduction into Detailed Thermal Territories and how the user can create their own Detailed Thermal Territories.


Who Should Attend

  • Project Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Simulation Engineers
  • CFD Engineers
  • Engineering Managers




Web Seminar: Thermal Territories 201: When to Use Them



Thursday the 12th of July 2018






12:00 pm - 12:45 pm CEST