12 July 2018


Physics of Failure in the Aircraft Development Process


*Pre-Recorded From The 2018 Design For Reliability Conference


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Based on a “smart” System Engineering requirements deployment and proper allocation to allow an easy and clear relationship between aircraft high level objectives and equipment reliability targets, Physics of Failure electronics simulation is, without question, one of the most useful and powerful tools to support design trade-off decisions. Challenges and opportunities between these two “isolated” processes are becoming clearer.

We now have a chance to access better design decisions, in a timely fashion, for thermal and vibration aspects along all product value chains, including airframe, systems and equipment/board level. This improved process reduces development schedules and costs and increases the delivery of a high level of reliability since EIS.




Physics of Failure in the Aircraft Development Process



Thursday the 19th of July 2018






11:00 AM EST