11 June 2019

Performing an Effective Design Review on Power Supplies



This webinar will address design issues, offer solutions or methods for mitigation in addition to a testing approach to reduce reliability issues to help you improve your best practices.


Power supplies struggle with reliability because they are often cost, space and schedule constrained. Typically, power supplies are looked at as a necessary evil, as they get the space leftover after the processor and memory are configured because the power supply requirements are often not known until the last minute when the analog/digital circuitry is designed.


Power supplies are manufactured with both SMT and Through-Hole components, utilize heatsinks for high power, and often have to perform at high voltage/high current levels. Custom magnetics, e.g. transformers, must handle transients, electrical noise, temperature variation as well as meet the requirements of IEC-61000-4-X and FCC/CISPR EMC requirements.




Web Seminar: Performing an Effective Design Review on Power Supplies



Thursday the 13th of June 2019






11:00 AM EST