17 August 2023


Power Integrity Principles - AC Analysis




The heart of AC analysis is obtaining and viewing the impedance vs frequency profiles of the system, the z-parameters. There are two PI simulation engines for achieving this task, the Decoupling Wizard and the Advanced Decoupling Wizard. The Decoupling Wizard performs both Lumped Analysis and Distributed analysis. The Advanced Decoupling Wizard performs Decoupling Analysis. Each provides successive granularity into the plane geometries and the concomitant effects on performance.


What You Will Learn:

  • Detailed understanding of each analysis.
  • Gauges for when you should use each.

This webinar includes a Q&A session with HyperLynx experts who will be able to answer your questions live.


Who Should Attend:

  • Power Integrity Engineers
  • Signal Integrity Engineers
  • PCB Design Engineers
  • Engineering Managers

Products Covered:

  • HyperLynx Power Integrity





Customer Technical Webcast: Power Integrity Principles - AC Analysis



Thursday the 17th of August 2023




18:00 hr CEST