14 March 2013

Signal Integrity and Advanced System Design by Lee Ritchey (3 days)

InnoFour and EE-Training invites you to participate in some very exiting courses this summer in Stockholm. The 'must have'3-days Signal Integrity and Advanced System Design training with Lee Ritchey the Mr. High Speed of Silicon Valley. The training will take place from 10 - 12 June 2013 in the Courtyard Stockholm Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.


This highly practical course is designed to take the student through the entire process involved in designing and fabricating high speed PCBs. It begins with the fundamentals of electromagnetic fields and the behavior of transmission lines that are the basis for all high-speed signaling. From there, it examines all of the aspects of high-speed design leading to the development of a robust set of PCB design rules that accounts for power subsystem design, routing rules and design of PCB stack-ups as well as the fabrication rules needed to balance performance against cost and manufacturability.


You learn about:

  • Handling of 1000s of multigigabit signals in terabit routers
  • Design of a board for a hard drive passing EMC testing
  • How an X-Box 360 uses a 4 layer board with two 1500+ ball BGA packages
  • Failures from crosstalk and reflections
  • Problems related to time delays in PCB traces
  • EMI failures
  • Failures stemming from poor power system design
  • Failures related to poor IC package design


Practical Details


More information and sign-up on-line: www.ee-training.dk