14 March 2013

Stackup Design by Lee Ritchey (1 day)

After running the 3-days Signal Integrity course, you can participate a new 1-day course in PCB stack-up design by Lee Ritchey the Mr. High Speed of Silicon Valley. The training will take place at 14th June 2013 in the Courtyard Stockholm Kungsholmen, in Stockholm, Sweden.


Today’s high-speed PCBs, with their inherent signal integrity and power delivery requirements, make it necessary to employ far more discipline in the choice of materials and the arrangement of layers in the stackup. These requirements are outside the skill set of all PCB fabricators. The objective of this course is to guide the design engineer through the process of evaluating and selecting the right laminate for any given design and then designing a PCB stackup that meets the numerous requirements of a complex, multilayer board that works right the first time.


The one day stackup class has far more info on stackup design and materials especially as they pertain to very high speed signaling. All engineers who are dealing with multi gigabit per second signaling will find this of great value.


Practical Details


More information and sign-up on-line: www.ee-training.dk