11 November 2016


Silicon to Systems: Easy Access ASIC


Following on from last years Silicon to Systems event, NMI have this year partnered with IMEC and DSP Valley to bring you the latest in how to develop low cost Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for almost any application.


Many people are put off designing ASICs because they think it’s too hard, too expensive or they don’t have the skills. This conference aims to show you that an ASIC could be easier and less costly than you think. It will show there are a range of strategies that can be used to successfully implement an ASIC solution even in low to moderate volumes.


According to Phillip Christie of the Business Technology & Strategy Group at IMEC, “The continued falling cost of ASIC manufacturing is a message that really needs to get out. This message is especially important for start-ups and SMEs focussing on IoT markets, where more mature technologies have a strong role play. I think the conference on Easy Access ASICs will be a tremendous networking opportunity and an excellent way to gain access to the low-cost manufacturing infra-structure that is now in place.”


Patrick McNamee from the NMI continued “It seems that in semiconductors all the news in the last year or so has been about mergers and acquisitions. However our members are telling us that there is a real and growing demand from SME’s to enable them to get into ASIC for a whole range applications including IOT, medical and automotive sectors this conference should demonstrate several ways this can be achieved at low cost.”

Who Should Attend?

Mangers and senior managers who are interested in developing an ASIC for a new application or maybe looking at a cost reduction path from existing PCB or FPGA solutions.




Silicon to Systems: Easy Access ASIC



Wednesday the 23rd of November 2016



08:30 - 16:00 hr CEST



Imec, Kapeldreef 75, Leuven 3001, Belgium