28 September 2015

Live Webinar: Streamline PCB Documentation Tasks

Use Automation to your Advantage

This webinar will be featuring Release 5.1. There are several new features and capabilities within this new release. Interested in BluePrint, this is a great opportunity to see the latest functionality first-hand!



BluePrint 5.1 Highlights

  • New Graphical User Interface
    • “Ribbons” interface, look and feel similar to MS office products
  • Customer requested enhancements include:
    • Improved File Comparison for ECO Updates
    • Exclude Dimensions in Exploded View
    • Pad and Via Visibility Control for Design View and PCB Views
    • Highlight Text Boxes with Hidden or Truncated Content
    • Transparency Options in Design View


BluePrint 5.1 Panel Enhancements

  • Panel Milling Error Checking
  • Associate Pairs of Mill Tabs on a PCB Panel
  • Apply Parameters to All PCB Panel Images
  • Intelligent Dimensions for Panel
    • Change Coordinate Dimension to Move Objects
    • Show Chamfer Count for Panels
    • Show Pinning Hole Count for Panels
  • New Panel Design View: View as the finished PCB will look


BluePrint-PCB has a unique sleek user interface that allows you to quickly and easily create, distribute, and use PCB Documentation. Once you see it and use it, you will be convinced of its power and versatility. Here is your opportunity to see our BluePrint-PCB solution live in action!


BluePrint-PCB creates electronic drawings to drive the PCB fabrication and assembly. BluePrint uses the PCB CAD data to automatically and intelligently represent every aspect of your PCB design. It even allows you to add specific comments and instructions, external files, URLs, and more. This electronic document clearly articulates all instructions, easily accommodates ECOs, and can be shared instantly with anyone.




BluePrint-PCB Webinar



Wednesday the 14th of October 2015

3:00 PM - 4.30 PM CEST

8:00 PM - 9.30 PM CEST