07 February 2020

Understanding Best Practices using Plane Assignments

Setting up Power Planes and Thermal Ties can be very confusing in any software package. Our Customer Application Engineer will show valuable tips for using PADS Professional®’s Plane Assignments, Plane Classes & Parameters and other interesting features. This will also include when to use Positive Planes compared to Negative Planes; what a Thermal Tie override is and exactly how it is used; plus more.


What You Will Learn

  • Setting up the Plane Assignments for Layer Stackups.
  • Using Positive and Negative Planes and the Processor for those layers.
  • Plane Classes and Parameters and how to set them up properly.
  • When to use Thermal Tie Overrides.
  • Plane Data states and how they are used.


Who Should Attend

  • Design Engineers and Layout Designers utilizing PADS Professional




Customer Webinar: Understanding Best Practices using Plane Assignments



Thursday the 12th of February 2020






6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CEST