08 April 2019


Waterproofing Electronics

Determining the water protection requirement for a device is the first step in waterproofing. The first portion of this webinar will discuss the differences/commonalities between IP and NEMA water protection ratings. This webinar will then discuss some PCBA level and Chassis level waterproofing schemes.


Michael will show some examples of board and chassis level waterproofing approaches. The board level methodologies reviewed will be potting, conformal coating, and hydrophobic coatings. For the chassis level the usage of LSR, FIPG, and foam gaskets will be discussed.

Finally, Michael will discuss the issue of condensation and possible mitigation methods.


Key Takeaways:

  • Water protection levels and what they mean
    • IP
    • NEMA
  • Types of waterproofing schemes
  • Potential issues




Web Seminar: Waterproofing Electronics



Thursday the 18th of April 2019






11:00 AM EST