21 October 2015

Web Seminar: PCB Design with 3D


Concerned about electro-mechanical interference on your PCB designs?


The latest release of PADS delivers 3D layout and visualization to help you detect conflict issues earlier in the design cycle.


Attend this webinar to see the newest release of PADS.


Highlights include the benefits of 3D viewing, placement, and DRC, as well as STEP model import and STEP export of the full PCB assembly. We’ll also show you some of the usability and productivity enhancements we’ve made to PADS Layout, xDX Designer, and, yes… even to PADS Logic!


What You Will Learn

Learn about new enhancements in the PADS flow:

xDX Designer
PADS Layout
PADS Logic


Who Should Attend

PADS customers
Engineers and designers curious about PCB design alternatives


Products Covered

PADS Standard & Standard Plus
PCB Layout




PCB Design with 3D - New Release!



Jim Martens and Steve Hughes


Wednesday the 2nd of December 2015; 15:00 PM - 16:00 PM