02 February 2009

Introducing the all new CAM350-150

Discover this Powerful Configuration for a Great New Price

DownStream is pleased to introduce you to our newest CAM350 10.0 configuration. This feature-rich solution is being offered at a new low price. Packed with functionality necessary to get you successfully through PCB Post Processing, including the all new Release Package Navigator.

With the CAM350-150 you'll be able to:

  • Translate Gerber, NC, and HPGL files with confidence
  • Measure and View data in a user friendly environment
  • Create optimized Solder Masks, Solder Pastes , and Stencils
  • Analyze data for design and output errors
  • Edit and generate legacy Gerber data
  • Easily work with NC data for creating optimized manufacturing outputs
  • Buried and Blind via support for Analysis and manufacturing outputs
  • Fast generation of subpanels for assembly
  • Import intelligent data from most major CAD systems via ODB++
  • Work on the same data seamlessly with BluePrint-PCB
  • Read and Write to BluePrint Release packages
  • Work concurrently with popular CAD programs for intelligent analysis and viewing
  • Translate to and from AutoCAD

This new configuration comes equipped with the base CAM350 system which contains Design Rule Checking, NC Editor functionality, Fast Array capabilities, and more... plus, the Release Package Navigator, DXF, and Crossprobing.

With this new configuration, CAM350 supplies you with all the necessary functionality to build successful PCBs in less time, with more accuracy and confidence, all while producing one single comprehensive electronic file viewable by anyone... anywhere... anytime...

Learn more about CAM350-150, the all new Release Package Navigator, and the power behind this brand new offering.

You can also get acquainted with CAM350 Release 10.0 at our monthly online seminars. The next ones are being held February 25th and March 18th 2009.

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