30 November 2015

Differentiators for Xpedition and PADS Professional

Want to brush up on your schematic capture or PCB analysis expertise? Check out the key differentiators within the Xpedition Enterprise flow and PADS Professional with new product demo videos and webinars that address key design challenges.


Integrated Systems Design


Schematic to Layout Integration

This brief Xpedition video demonstrates the tight integration between schematic design and PCB layout. Product Demo ►


Enabling Schematic Capture Productivity

See the simplified use model within Xpedition, including a self-explanatory command structure, a high level of automation, and easy-to-follow flow guidance. Product Demo ►


Multiple FPGA I/O Optimization

Reduce the number of routing layers, minimize crossovers and overall trace lengths on the PCB, and reduce signal integrity issues for higher completion rates and shorter FPGA route times. Product Demo ►


Design Creation Integration with Simulation and Analysis for High Speed Design

Build a pre-layout virtual prototype for signal integrity analysis before committing to PCB design and perform what-if analysis of critical signals including termination strategies and the effects of the intended board stack-up. Product Demo ►