18 September 2015

DownStream Technologies: New releases for BluePrint and CAM350

To keep you up to date with the latest software enhancements, technology, and functionality, DopwnStream Technologies is continuously supplying you with our latest product builds.  All customers with maintenance contracts as of July 1st are eligible for this download.  If you are not on Maintenance, please contact us to reinstate.


BluePrint-PCB 5.1 build 1122, CAM350 /DFMStream 12.1 build 1022.  This is a software correction update.  We do recommend upgrading your software to the latest build.


New Functionality in BluePrint V5.1

  • New Graphical User Interface
    • Ribbons; interface, look and feel similar to MS office products
  • Customer requested enhancements include:
    • Improved File Comparison for ECO Updates
    • Exclude Dimensions in Exploded View 
    • Pad and Via Visibility Control for Design View and PCB Views
    • Highlight Text Boxes with Hidden or Truncated Content
    • Transparency Options in Design View

New Panel enhancements found in BluePrint 5.1

  • Panel Milling Error Checking
  • Associate Pairs of Mill Tabs on a PCB Panel Apply Parameters to All PCB Panel Images
  • Intelligent Dimensions for Panel
    • Change Coordinate Dimension to Move Objects
    • Show Chamfer Count for Panels
    • Show Pinning Hole Count for Panels
  • New Panel Design View: View as the finished PCB will look


Release highlights: BluePrint-PCB

Release Highlights for CAM350 Product Version 12.1


CAM350 Version 12.1 is a major release that introduces new functionality, including New DFM checks for Streams RC, ODB++ v8.0 support.


New Functionality

The following functional enhancements are contained in CAM350 Version 12.1

  • Multithreading support; 2-3x Speed Improvements
  • New DFMStream Analysis
    • Trace to Anti-Pad Spacing Check
    • Additional Negative Plane Checks
    • Same Net Spacing Checks
    • Annular Ring Check Definition Expanded for Negative Planes
    • Netlist Compare for No Connect Nets
  • New Enhancements to Preprocess of Non-Intelligent Data (Gerber)
    • Improved Laser Via Detection
    • Global Fiducial Detection
    • Netlist Extract Added to Preprocess DFMStream
  • Latest versions of Industry Standard Intelligent Data Exchange
    • IPC-2581 Revision B Import/Export Support - ODB++ Version 8.0 Support


Release highligts: CAM350 V11.0


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